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August Arrivals - Nut Butters & Gluten Free Breads!

August Arrivals - Nut Butters & Gluten Free Breads!

August is here, and it's getting hot! Let us head down to the farmers market to shop your order while you keep cool.

Starting tomorrow Gluten Freedom Baking Company brings three new sandwich loaves to the market. Choose from Rustic Italian (Our fav!), Honey Oat, or Sourdough. These breads are available from Wednesday's market only.

Superfood Nut Butter from Suped has made its way to our Saturday and Sunday market offerings. They have a variety of energy-packed nut butter including Cacao, Chaga & Lion's Mane, and Java Maca (coming soon). AMAZING on anything you would normally put PB on!

Starting in September look out for farmers market flowers, meats, poultry, and seafood!

Andrew Everett